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What makes Get Set's Diploma of Business different?

Our Diploma of Business has been written specifically for high school students! We understand that not all students will have exposure to the business industry. Therefore, we provide engaging and relatable content to bridge this gap.​

Furthermore, our Diploma of Business has a Business Development specialisation. It encompasses content that prepares students to manage an existing business and what it takes to be an entrepreneur or business owner!

What are the advantages of delivering the Diploma of Business 'in-house'?

  • Students complete the course as part of their regular school timetable, meaning there are no disruptions to their other subjects

  • The school and the students already know the teacher delivering the course

  • Reduced course fees for your students.

What are the benefits for your students?

  • Obtain a nationally recognised qualification while at school

  • Contributes to the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) (up to 8 QCE points)

  • Contributes to ATAR

  • Preparation for a career in Business and/or further study

  • Exposure to real-life, practical work skills, which enhances their employment opportunities

  • Develop entrepreneurial and management skills.

How can our school deliver Get Set's Diploma of Business?

We will provide your teachers will everything required to deliver the Diploma of Business to your students, within the regular school timetable.

The Diploma of Business must be delivered by teaching staff who hold a Business qualification at a Diploma level (or higher) and have had work experience in a business or management position in the last 12 months. However, we are always happy to assist in upskilling teachers where possible!

What is a third party agreement?

Get Set and the school will enter into a third party agreement that clearly identifies the role and responsibilities of each party.

The school will deliver the Diploma of Business to students within their normal timetable, by qualified and experienced teaching staff who are existing employees of the school.

Get Set is the RTO with the BSB50120 Diploma of Business on scope and responsible for providing the resources, ensuring compliance and issuing qualifications to students.

What does Get Set's Diploma of Business program include?

  • Access to GS Assess App (online learning platform)

  • Learning materials

  • Templates

  • Assessments

  • Session plans

  • Assessment calendars

  • Model Answers

  • Ongoing support

  • Professional development opportunities.

The school will provide the physical classroom set-up, projector, etc.) and human resources (trained staff) to deliver the course.

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