Kate Walsh is the Owner, Managing Director and Lead Business Trainer of Get Set Education. 

In 2017, Kate felt that the Vocational Education and Training content used in secondary schools wasn't always relevant or accessible for students who generally didn't have a lot of work experience. Kate was also aware that the expensive course prices meant some students had to miss out on studying what they were really interested in. Thus, Get Set Education was born with practicality, value and equity at the forefront of everything we do!

Kate is registered with the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) and a qualified Trainer and Assessor. She has qualifications in Business and Education, as well as a diverse teaching and training background in secondary schools, RTOs and universities. Furthermore, Kate has experience working in the accounting, retail and hospitality industries.

Kate’s colleagues and students describe her as caring, enthusiastic, reliable, approachable and an exceptional communicator. She’s super organised and great at managing her time (and her students' time!) to deliver on a deadline.